Living the naturalist life is believing in nature to know best. Because who are we to tell nature what is best for us – when we are just a microscopic part of nature.

We live in this universe that has evolved for eternity. Life on this planet, Earth, has likewise been molded and refined through billions of years. Why is it that humans often like to think that we have the special recipe to fix every issue? And, was it even a problem in the first place?

Sometimes it can feel like humans and our current society is continuously trying to fix problems with various products that nature already had the perfect solution for. Built-in. Products that are often heavily advertised through mainstream media and fast fashion. We are all just trying to play catch up.

The naturalist life is ultimately about listening to yourself. Your body, your mind, your spirit, and the nature we are all a part of. Living naturally is living in nature and with nature. Naturalism is the belief that nature, more often than not, already has the answer to most of our questions. You just got to listen.

Living naturally is living simpler and more fulfilling lives in-sync with nature.